3D Walls evolved from MNM Design Studio’s interior design services
and founder/owner Milena Marguenski’s background as an art gallery owner. The
entrepreneur-artist-designer created the walls to address bland, bare interior spaces. 

Whether flat and visually three-dimensional or actually sculptural, the walls provide character to rooms, entrances, stairwells and hallways. Milena designs the walls in Staten  Island, NY and she and her team fabricate and install them. 

The sculptural walls are reminiscent of three dimensional puzzles; the more cost effective 2D versions achieve a jigsaw effect. She beautifies them with natural oils, metallic paints, fabric, and adds interest with light and water accents.   

The walls combine the interior designer’s eye and artist’s talent with elements of custom architectural millwork to achieve a kind of architectural art.


The perceptive eye of an interior designer meets the skill of an artist and expert at digital modeling, and refinishing to design pieces that are part architectural art / part furniture.
We can design and fabricate doors, room dividers, furniture.


Transform panels, cornice boards, room dividers and more
with MNM Design's artistic concept to provide character to interior
design spaces with the assistance of architectural-elements-as-art.